Camp Linden Tree


The mission of Camp Linden arises out of the values of the Philadelphia Ethical Society which owns the property and operates the Children’s Summer Program.

The mission of Camp Linden is:

  1. To provide a summer camp experience for inner city children that promotes appreciation of the natural world, acknowledges the intrinsic worth of all human beings, and encourages campers to develop self-reliance and integrity.

  2. To provide an opportunity for members of the Society to carry out our commitment to ethical action by supporting Camp Linden through volunteer efforts, and financial contributions.

  3. To provide a place where Society members, and other humanistic organizations, can hold events and retreats.

  4. To serve as responsible stewards of the land and preserve it as a place to commune with the natural world.

The primary mission is the Children’s Summer Program, and other uses of the property contribute to the support of that program.

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